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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Running some businesses must be easy

Many years ago I won an Easter Egg contest that was held by a local radio station. Back then I got $1000. That contest went away for some time, I think, but now its been back for a few years - this time sponsored by a local tanning chain. The owner of the chain is in control of the whole contest; he hides the egg and makes up all the clues. Here is the short story as to why I am boy cotting the radio station and the tanning salon:

So during the 3-week contest there are radio promotions for the contest. In these promotions it clearly states "...somewhere in Genesee County..." Well, unfortunately Genesee County ends with the city call Fenton in the southeast corner. This morning the egg was found in a city further east named Holly. This is in Oakland county. Here is a map from the edge of Genesee to the park where the egg was found.

So I'm pissed that they completely wasted my time. But on the bright side, it shows that even if you are such a dumbass that you cannot read a map, apparently you can still run a fairly successful business.

But if you are so inclided, eMail larry.blum@cumulus.com (the regional supervisor for Cumulus Broadcasting - the company that owns the radio station), call the local station, WWCK 105.5 @ 810.238.7300 or leave some insightful commentary at the "contact us" page of the TropiTan.biz.

Here is an example of one that I may or may not have left:

"Learn how to read a map you dumbass. I hope I enjoy my membership to Aruba tanning since you completely wasted my time. Have a nice day, monkey wankers."

Leave a message and post it here as a response.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mario Figure Sets

I think these look kick-ass. They are little scenes from certain levels of Super Mario Brothers, NES Style ! And there is a new set of magnets out as well.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Adjuster Needs an Adjustment

Yesterday, my dad talked with the adjuster from the insurance company. While the adjuster was there, an independent contractor was at our house as well. My dad thinks that may have got the adjuster mad, but before anything else happened the adjuster was an ass.

I forget the actual order of events, so I will use the trusty unordered list format here.

  • My dad comments that he has bought one of the best policies that you can as a residential customer. The adjuster responds that we do not have the best and that he feels that we could not afford the best.
  • The adjuster tells my dad that he "will not improve the home". Apparently, he is interested in devaluing the home, because if the house is already 2-tone, then his repair of one wall will result in a 3-tone home.
  • The carpet under the door was all bunched up and wrecked. The adjuster glances at it and says that it will tuck under the wall nicely.
  • He tells my dad that we are lucky that he is repairing the wall, that it should be patched.
  • My dad asks what the benefits are to us that we use the insurance companies approved contractors. The answer was that the approved contractors can get approval for additional repairs over the phone; independent contractors need the on-site approval of the adjuster. So basically, there is no benefit to us. And the phrasing from the adjuster (as relayed to me via my father) relating to time, money and procedure bordered blackmail or racketeering as far as I am concerned.
  • My dad mentioned that he was not happy with one of the recommendations of the adjuster and that he would dispute it. The adjuster responds, paraphrasing; "Go ahead. You'll lose. I have been through hundreds and it takes a long time to get your money even if you do win."
That's all the points I remember right now, but I am fairly certain that is not all that was said. There was one small glimmer of light, however. Someone mentioned that the vehicles insurance agency has 10 days to come out and inspect and decide on who should handle the case. There is a chance that they will assume the task and we would work with them directly and not deal with this adjuster anymore. There was also a comment that some agencies are good about accepting responsibility and fixing everything. I have my fingers crossed.

Long story short. This is not going the way that our advisors and lawyer friends have said it should go. Damn.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Accident Update #1

Today I sought the help of the ex-owner-now-CFO of the company I work for. He has many connections in the city, so I thought he would be a good outlet. He gave me information and the phone number of a guy that he described as an insurance advocate. I do not know if this implies that he is an advocate for him only (they go way back) or for everyone. Regardless, I got his number and the OK to call - so thats what I think my dad is going to do.

The only things that are of note:

  • The builder said that he thought the house looked structually sound
  • An engineer that works where my dad works said that the house will "talk" in the next few days to let us know where the problems are
  • The insurance advocate said that the lack of a license of the driver does not matter - its the insurance on the car that makes the difference
  • The vehicle that hit out house was owned by the sister of the guy that was driving it; he is from some city I have never heard of - she is from right near-by
  • Unfortunately, the details as they were understood by me and conveyed from the advocate via the CFO are not coinciding with reality. There has been talk of using our own money which should not be an issue. We are waiting to talk personally with this advocate guy and get a confirmation on the status of the insuredness of the vehicle. I don't care if this is a word or not - I like it =)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Worst Birthday. Ever.

OK, so here is the story - hopefully in one place so I don't have to keep typing it over and over again. And I suck at typing, so you can image how much such a task would pain me.

Anyway, its not really my birthday. My birthday is technically the 13th, but Friday night is the only night I have free this weekend to have dinner with my parents. So I had got home from work, checked eMail, changed my clothes. Sidenote: Do not sit and have lunch in a Chinese restaurant. Everyone at work kept commenting on how I smelled like Chinese. Trust me, its weird.

So me, my mother and Kate (my fiance) were standing in the dining room of my parents house talking about how we should leave because my mom and Kate were hungry. As we are talking we hear a slight squeal of tires. The squeal was not to loud or long, but it was of a pitch that implies high speed. Also, from living on near the highway for almost 25 years, I can tell when car noises are close to the house as opposed to on I-69 usually. We could tell this was close because at that first squeal we all stopped talking an looked at each other. Shortly after that (fractions of seconds at most) there was a large popping noise. Later, it would become obvious what that popping noise was. Again, in just seconds, there is a large crash - I am talking probably louder than most people have experienced. At that time I run down the kitchen (my nearest exit) and Kate and mom run out the other side of the room (their nearest exit). I was taking strides through the kitchen and on like my first or second stride, my foot did not secure itself like it usually does. I do not know if that was me freaking out, or if this was the house shaking back to where it should have been from being hit so hard. But either way I bit it on the carpet and now have a nasty rug burn on my left shoulder blade.

So by this point my dad is running around yelling and asking what the hell is going on. He comes into the back of the house just in time to see me fall. Nice. Later he asks me why I ran so far. Thanks dad. Anyway, by this point the loud ruckus is all over and you can clearly hear the loud hissing of the gas line. So now we are yelling that everyone get out of the house - but I went one way and my mom and Kate went the other. That makes it a bit more difficult to communicate.

My dad tells me to call the police and get the fire-trucks and the utility company on site. My cell phone was in the room that was hit (in my jacket) and I ran out the back picking up the cordless on the way. As my dad is yelling at me to get the authorities, he is heading to the basement to kill the main power. Unfortunately, cordless phones rely on the power, so just as I tell 9-1-1 that I need the cavalry at my address - the phone dies. Then 9-1-1 calls back to see if it really is an emergency. So here we have everyone leaving the house and getting all the electrical stuff off and we inadvertently make 9-1-1 call. At this point Kate is in the house because I was trying to yell at her that I needed a cell phone and she misunderstood as come back through or something. Either way, she answered right away and basically said "Look, bitch, there is gas. I got to get out of the house. ". I love you, Kate.

So I go get my phone and run around the house up the driveway and see this guy sitting at the wheel and it looks like he is trying to get out. There is blood over his forehead and he looks kind of out of it. I give him the flat hand to tell him to stop and he just sits there. I look to the road and there are already 3-4 cars sitting out front; none of which I recognize as cars that are usually in the neighborhood. I get to talking to one of the guys and he tells me that all those cars were following the SUV that hit my house because he had just hit another car about a mile or so up the road and fled the scene. The guy told me that he could hardly keep up with the SUV and was estimating the guy's speed at 60-70 mph.

Shortly after that I start looking around and I notice that the SUV completely snapped the guard rail from its post in the ground, snapping it back into our side-yard. That's rare.

In the end, everyone is all right in my family besides being a little shook up. The gas was slightly capped, then plugged pretty good, then completely fixed later that evening. I have not yet had time to assess the damage to my Simpsons collectible figures. There are cracks in the wall that don't look good. The builder was out and patched the hole for us tonight as well.

Oh, yeah ... all this happened about 6:00 PM, I think. Here are some links to pics that I took that night:

Well, I hope this answers most of the questions for the maybe 5 people that care. Worst case I saved myself from having to type this damn thing 4 more times =)

Here are some other tidbits I forgot and am too lazy to fit it in where it belongs. You can piece it together; I only hang out with smart people. Just agree when Mike asks if he is smart, it will make his day.
  • The police went to the hospital to arrest the man. Here are some things a fireman (a guy I went to high school with) said about the driver:
    • He opens the door of the vehicle and the guy asks if his dog is alright. Yes, the dog was in the car and it appeared to be physically fine when the Human Society came and got it
    • The police did not release any of his info by the 11:00 broadcast.
    • According to a woman (sister-in-law?) who came by trying to get information about the dog (like we give a shit about that - and she is the second family member to come asking) this guy does not have a license. Nice.
  • There were at least 3 news crews on the ground and one helicopter that hung around for a bit.
  • I was on the 11:00 news as the homeowner on WEYI TV 25. They made sure to edit in all my sound effects. I was like a white Michael Winslow.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Rant for Real

I do not like to type and I will try to get to the point here. Why the hell are fast food places no longer advertising exactly everything that they have to offer or the price. I dont see too much more being offered, many places it seems less. Yet all they show are those damn combo meals. Thats OK. But what about the cost to add sour cream, or cheese. Or what about the individual prices of those items in the combo meal ? I could go on asking questions for line after line, but I recognize that would be get boring.

And the food really is not that fast anymore if you ask me. Its getting to be another corporate scam like those "outlet centers". Around me its Birch Run. That damn place is more expaensive than most the stores in mall. There are no deals to be had.

So there ya go. The world sucks and the companies are consiring more than ever against the consumer. Discuss.

Friday, November 26, 2004

My single best reason to get BitTorrent

BitTorrent, oh how I love thee.